A cornerstone of the hack|ED concept, the education track is a hands-on experience for beginners with an interest in learning the basics of application development.

It is primarily geared toward middle and high school students, though anyone ten years of age and over is welcome to attend. 


Attendees will have access to mentors, who are available to answer questions and provide advice on anything from the coding project, to how they broke into and became successful in their field.

And while it's not part of the hackathon competition, participants in the education track will join hackathon competitors for the keynote address and other talks, as well as the pitch phase, in which part of the judging criteria will be how well the teams explain the skills and concepts that went into creating their app to the audience of beginner developers.

Hands-on Learning

Led by Kevin Harris, who is Lead Wearables Architect at Fossil, founder of The Guild of Software Architects, and Lecturer at SMU's Guildhall digital game development program; the hands-on portion of the education track will focus on basic 2D mobile game development using CaronaSDK.  

Kevin, with the help of other professional developers, will walk participants through creating a work environment, learning the basics of the Lua programming language and creating a game using CoronaSDK.

Ready to launch your journey into software development?  

Inportant Information

If you would like to learn more about what's being covered, Kevin has posted the CoronaHackPack - a collection of instructions, tutorials and code samples designed to help new coders learn the basics of scripting and game development using Lua and the Corona SDK - to GitHub.

Prior to the event, please be sure to download the “CoronaHackPack” and follow the “ReadMe” instructions to install:

  • Lua
  • Sublime Text Editor
  • Corona SDK

The ReadMe instructions will walk you through the process but if you have any questions please contact us