Kevin is the Lead Wearables Architect at Fossil Group, as well as, the Founder of Guild of Software Architects, a modern technology guild focused on training apprentices in the development of software.

Kevin has been working as a software developer and architect for over 17 years.For the last 8 years he's been teaching game development at SMU’s Guildhall during his nights while working full-time during the day developing mobile apps and games for both iOS and Android devices.

In his career thus far, Kevin has designed and coded everything from simple desk top applications for Windows to Linux based 3D engines that drive military flight simulators. He has worked on confidential projects that will probably never see the light of day, and mobile games, such as Words With Friends and Doodle Jump, which are so popular that even a minor bug would anger millions of players!

He's worked as a lone-wolf contractor on projects such as the official iPhone app for CarMax, and on Agile driven teams of 20 or more developers where sprint planning was practically a contact sport. It’s truly been a career filled with ups and downs, but it has never been a dull ride. When he looks back on it all, it’s hard for him to believe what he's accomplished without an actual Computer Science degree. 

This is why Kevin decided to create a dedicated software apprenticeship program that he hopes will allow others with the desire and interest in programming to start their own careers now, without having to tie-up their time and money in a four year degree program. Training and working as an apprentice is still hard work, but Kevin believes it is a perfectly viable option for those that clearly have the potential and interest but lack the time or money to attend a college or university program. Special scholarships are also offered to Veterans and their spouses.

Guild of Software Architects

The primary goal of the Guild of Software Architects is to establish a modern technology guild that is focused on the training of apprentices in the development of software. Guild courses teach the best-practices of the latest, in-demand technologies and are aimed at helping students build a portfolio of work that not only reinforces confidence but helps to improve employability through the demonstration of skill. Even after employment, apprentices will continue to be mentored through a private Guild network that not only offers general advice and access to advanced tutorials, but continuously works to elevate the apprentices’ overall professionalism through exposure to computer science theory and software design practices. More information can be found at our website: